Course to be studied: The Search for Meaning in Contemporary Jewish Writing

College credits: 3

Instructor: Professor Elliott Malamet

Duration: 45 academic hours (approx)

Cost: $1490

We are delighted to present to you a brand new, amazing option for those on the Enterprise Israel program – an accredited college course.

The course, which will be run in conjunction with the Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School, will offer participants 3 college credits from approximately 45 academic hours (spread throughout the duration of the program). These credits will be given by the Hebrew University, and accepted for transfer to all North American colleges.

The course we are offering is entitled “The Search for Meaning in Contemporary Jewish Writing” led by the brilliant Professor Elliott Malamet (example syllabus). Here is his description of this fascinating course:

This course will explore a variety of modern Jewish texts which are organized around the search for identity and meaningfulness in contemporary life. We will examine how such writing anticipated and responded to various trends that have shaped the twentieth and twenty-first century Jewish experience: dislocation from the Old World to the New; trauma and genocide; the struggle for a coherent Jewish self in the face of both exile and homecoming; assimilation and relationships with the other; secularism and the redefinitions of Judaism; coming to terms with loss and the desire for belonging; material success and spiritual longing. The course engages global Jewish writing (North America; Europe; Israel) in a wide span of genres: fiction (novels and short stories); poetry; essays; autobiography and memoir; theology; philosophical and psychological arguments. These genres are brought into dialogue with one another in order to draw connections between different forms of writing and discover how Jews have wrestled and creatively interacted with all facets of modernity. The seminar is heavily discussion based and students will be encouraged to join the contemporary Jewish conversation.

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